Rolling Fork Historic Preservation Association

The Monthly meeting of the Rolling Fork Historic Preservation Association will be this Thursday, 22 January at 7:00 PM at the New Haven City Hall. This is our first meeting of the year and we will be discussing upcoming fund raising opportunities for the Howell House project. Please come and see what we are doing.

The Rolling Fork Historical Preservation Associationís fundraising project on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008, at the New Haven Ball Park was an unqualified success!! Click here for more information!

The Rolling Fork Historic Preservation Association endeavors to preserve, restore, and interpret the area comprising the battlefield of the Battle of New Haven. On December 30, 1862 three companies of the 9th Kentucky Cavalry of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's Cavalry attacked across the Howell family farm in an effort to destroy the railroad bridge spanning the Rolling Fork River. The bridge was defended by Fort Allen and several companies of the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

The view from the front yard of the Howell House today is a large field with the bridge in the distance where the tree lines come together.  Some small imaginitive effort can place Fort Allen with it's four Sibley tents and wooden walls connecting them in the middle of the field in the distance.

The landscape of the New Haven Battlefield has changed little since Union forces first occupied the site in October of 1862. It remains cultivated farmland crossed by a single railroad line. To the east, it is bounded by the Rolling Fork River - with the elevation of the property slowly rising as it travels west, culminating along a long ridgeline and knob. To the north, the property is delineated by Kentucky Highway 52, and to the south, by a small wood lined stream. The original roadbed for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, now part of the Kentucky Railroad Museum, travels the length of the property from west to east, crossing the Rolling Fork River to the east. The original house that served the Howell farm and witnessed the Battle is extant, sitting just above the base of the knob, facing east overlooking the farm fields.