Rolling Fork Historic Preservation Association

We thank God that we were blessed with such wonderful and beautiful weather. Our thanks also go out to all those volunteers who helped in the event and to those people who came out and participated. Special thanks go out to the Bourbon City Brass Band and to David Brown, who presented his Kenny Rogers tribute.

The success of this fund raiser provides us with new life and motivates our members to move to the next level of our goal or restoring the Howell House to its 1862 appearance. These funds give a base on which to build matching funds for the restoration project. It also makes it possible for the RFHPA to obtain corporate sponsorships and government grants.

The house itself was donated to the Association by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marion O’Bryan and family in 2003. The mission of the Rolling Fork Historic Preservation Association is to identify, study, preserve, and interpret the material history of the Rolling Fork River Valley.

The Howell House is the first project taken on by the Association and reflects an effort to provide New Haven and the surrounding area a better understanding of the 'who, what, where and when' of the Rolling Fork River Valley. Help us to preserve this beautiful country as a great place to live and play.

We want to single out several individuals and businesses which contributed to the success of the event for special thanks.

Ricky Carter - Manager of the New Haven IGA Store for the food at the event.

The Coca Cola Bottling Company - for supplying the suspended posters.

The local Cub Scout Troop - for manning the gate

The Woolridge, Rust and Shelton Families - for their undying support to the cause!

The Cecil Family - for operating the Trolley, coordinating our volunteers, and supplying a Confederate soldier as part of the living history component.

The New Haven City Board of Commissioners, especially to Commissioner Mike Wolf and Michelle - for the use of the ball park and the trolley.

Last but not least we want to thank Mr. Fred Marion O'Bryan, whose attendance and dedication to our cause is undeniable "UNIQUE.

Thank you all for your support.

Mayor Tessie R. Cecil
Charles Lemons, President
New Haven Kentucky Rolling Fork Historic Preservation Association